Babi Badalov

La Station, Nice, France

gandy gallery



Exhibition: 17.1.2015 - 14.3.2015

La Station, Nice

Presented for the first time in Nice, Babi BADALOV (born in 1959) is a traveler, a forced nomad from Azerbaijan. A political refugee in France since 2011, Babi BADALOV builds a poetic universe, drawing on both his personal memories and societal issues: painting, poetry, performance and drawings are mixed in installations that question the meaning, the signifier and the norm in our contemporary societies. His "visual poetry" also appears in the form of sketchbooks and collages, combining artistic and linguistic research and commenting on the manipulation of images by the media.

This exhibition, realized in partnership with the Gandy Gallery (Bratislava), will be the subject of a catalog published in 2015 with the help of Matali Crasset for the graphic design, Andrey Misiano and Vit Havranek for the texts and Catherine Facerias for the translation (a production of the Gandy Gallery and Balléor Editions).

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Babi Badalov

Title: Clarck or Klark, 2015
Text: Vít Havránek
Graphic Design: matali crasset
Photo credits: jb Ganne
Language: English
Editor: Gandy gallery and Edition Balléor
22,5 x 22,5 cm - 20 pp