Alva Hajn


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Exhibition: January 12 - March 4, 2022


Gandy gallery is pleased to present the second solo exhibition of the Czech artist ALVA HAJN. After exhibiting sculptures and crumpled papers in 2018, this exhibition will present paintings from the 1970s.

One of the central subjects of the artist's work in the 1970s was the Lovers, which became the subject of a number of both large-format and smaller paintings. The presented selection focuses on works demonstrating the artist's specific reflection of human corporeality, which oscillates between figurative and abstract representation. 

In the 1970s, Alva Hajn moved towards a brighter palette and the use of primary colours. His work is also characterized by strong, pastose brushwork and decisive, meandering lines. This expressive linearity is equally present in his drawings and sculptural works from this period.

Alva Hajn (1938-1991, Czechoslovakia) can be understood as the representative of a whole generation for whom art was a life attitude, an uncompromising gesture, a ritual escape for many of them. 

For more information see also the page of the exhibition of small sculptures and paper reliefs from 2018. 

Publication: Alva Hajn ve vzpomínkách (PDF)

Alva Hajn - List of works (PDF)
Alva Hajn - CV (PDF)

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