Exhibition: Pavlina Fichta Cierna


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Pavlína Fichta Cierna

projekt Vtácia perspektíva / project Bird's-eye view

Author's works have obvious feminine art approach and are related to her own identity. She confronts, more or less, concrete human story and some real results of the recent social statistics in Slovakia, or is inspired by everyday reality of living which is influenced by distinct promotion in the media of certain actions and events.

Babské reci alebo VýhÏad z kuchyne / Women talk or Kitchen view 2006

Video shows author visiting her friend's house. Chosen sequences from their dialogue are evidence of a "kitchen" talk between two middle-aged women-mothers. In their conversation the personal experiencing is blending together with their perception of global problems. At the same time the video is a kind of "different" comment on the project Bird's eye-view. According to the public opinion poll in Slovakia every third person considers words "bird flue" to be the most typical word or phrase characterizing past year, whereas in overall appraisal this phrase was used especially by women.

Rekonštrukcia / Reconstruction 2005 

Video reflects problems of abused women. Reactions of society to this subject are ambivalent. It is a story of a woman who is so mentally and physically abused by her own husband that she had to leave from home with her three children. Work is conceived as a reconstruction in several ways of interpretations. In a house where recontruction works are being done, she describes her previous household and the hard situation. She is recollecting the most cruel moment in their household: the reconstruction method helps her now at the crime scene, with the lapse of time – after years or reconstructing her own personality and life – to talk relatively calmly about these dramatic moments. 
According to the last statistics on extreme aggression in Slovakia, the most common place where a murder takes place is kitchen, the most frequently used instrument is knife and the most frequent victim is woman.