Wien Südbahnhof


gandy gallery

Wien Südbahnhof / Bratislava

curator : Corentin Hamel

Lazar Lyutakov
Raimund Pleschberger
Leopold Kessler
Gernot Wieland
Franz Kapfer
Markus Hofer

This exhibition, presented in the gallery, was conceived in response to the outdoor exhibition entitled Danubian Dreams. The modules in Danubian Dreams display an acceleration in the architectural process: 5 international architects have created a model "village" on the banks of the Danube for the duration of the exhibition. 
In the same manner, exhibiting artists from the Viennese scene in Bratislava conceals a deceptively simple situation. 

An international exhibition, spanning a 64 kilometers or a one-hour train ride. The simple geographical relation should produce an abrupt, almost improvised transfer. 
All the works exhibited attest to a singular encounter between the artists and the found object. Yet, far from falling back on the obvious, these works interpret a variety of complex approaches, sculptural, historical or geographical re-readings, constructed situations, interventions, or reworked decorum. Nonetheless, the modest finish of the works tends to efface the author's presence and infer upon the works a public status, an anonymous refinement.