Katya Bonnenfant


gandy gallery

Se quitter à Baden-Baden

Exhibition: March 13 - May 23, 2009

If I start from se quitter à Baden-Baden, I should find a way to talk about this separation, but without the heavy thoughts normally associated of such event : betrayal, anger, jealousy, remords. The rupture, it's a little bit a way to arrange memories in drawers: "well, okay, it's finished". In my own drawers, I found some old vinyl covers. To try to tell the end of a love story, without clichés, or instead using the clichés, the records covers which talk almost only about love, but using them in cutting them, associating them, bending them, till they serve my reality, and not the one dictated by the genre, my reality, that means a little music, sad and happy in the same time, a soft small melody of the rupture. 

All these old vinyl covers of songs already forgotten, would then become some material of word's love, "un matière d'amour", the sculpture would then be an assembly of souvenirs, traces of old love stories. 

More generally, the use of old things (record covers, obsolete machines) is part of a left over's economy (économe de restes), an aesthetic of the second chance: stop the production, and watch at what we already have. I am looking at these records, these machines, with tenderness. With joy as well, a childlike joy. I am amazed by the beauty of an old dissected calculator. The excitation stay complete, everytime I am going to open a new machine, and every time I wonder what I am going to find inside. I am thinking about these graphic designers who have created these pictures, certainly with a lot of love, discussing with the artists, the musicians; I think about the industrials who have made and put together these machines, the ingeniors who have draw the plan. I take these stories for mine. But it's not rehabilitation or reprocessing, it's continuation. I extend their stories, and some other will come and will prolong it as well after me.