Women on Paper


gandy gallery

Institut français de Prague

Štěpánská 644
Praha, CZ


Exhibition June 9 - September 15, 2015

Based in Prague and then in Bratislava for more than 20 years, the French gallery owner Nadine Gandy has devoted herself to contemporary and historical scenes from central and eastern Europe.  Over the years, his gallery has established itself as a place of dialogue between France and the post-Soviet countries.  There are artists living alongside the essential questions of our time, whether it is the relationship to the body, memory, immigration, that which, directly or indirectly, is linked to the notion  of  identity. Among the artists defended by the Gandy Gallery, women occupy an important place. It is precisely to these female personalities that Nadine Gandy devotes the exhibition Women on paper.  It is a matter of celebrating all those who, by their singular, courageous, sometimes provocative approach, contribute to abolishing the stereotypes conveyed by our society.  


Exhibited artists:

 Etel Adnan (LB), Flavia Bigi (IT), Matali Crasset (FR), Florine Demosthene (HT), Inci Eviner (TR), Victoria Lomasko (RU), Ilona Nemeth (SK), Alexandra Roussopoulos (FR), Zorka Saglova (CZ), Agnes Thurnauer (FR), Anna Zvyagintseva (UA).

List of works (pdf)