gandy gallery


Opening: Thursday October 10, 5 - 9 pm

Exhibition:10/10/2019 - 20/1/2020


Curated by Nadine Gandy
Text by Laura Amann


- FdG Projects -
Frédéric de Goldschmidt Collection
11 Rue de Barchon, 1000 Brussels

In the long run Adam Vačkář creates simulacra of the ecological and social reality of the consumer system. From his educational and socially oriented projects based on a concrete ecological crisis in the Atlas Mountains in Morocco his work gradually transformed into a socio-critical dystopia of the future. In his latest projects he deals with the post-apocalypse, the beauty of toxicity and the vanity of destruction. In his installations, Adam Vačkář uses various types of industrial waste - glass, plastic and steel combined with wood and other natural and found objects. His works are influenced by the intuitive aesthetics of Czech surrealism in which painted objects stimulate associative thinking. Adam Vačkář’s goal is to create a hypothetical reality where waste is accepted as part of a toxic reality.

Laura Amann


Adam Vačkář (born in Prague, 1979)  graduated from ENSBA in Paris, where he attended the residence program of Palais de Tokyo. His work has been exhibited in various institutions, such as Art Basel - Art Statements&Art Film, FRAC Occitanie Montpellier, Frac Champagne-Ardenne, FRAC Franche-Comté, Palais de Tokyo, Centre Pompidou and Centre Pompidou Metz in France OG2 at Kölnischer Kunstverein, Germany, Prague City Gallery, National Gallery in Prague, Boghosian Foundation in Brussels, SMAK in Ghent, Museum Morsbroich in Germany, Aargauer Kunsthaus in Switzerland and the Prague and Bucharest Triennials.

Adam Vačkář - CV (pdf)

Adam Vačkář - List of works (pdf)