Exhibition: Elke Krystufek


gandy gallery


June 16 - August 05, 2000

Ego as media 

In 1993, just after entering the fine arts academy of Vienna, Elke Krystufek began a violent work involving the deconstruction of archetypes and artistic formalism. Through a considerable and protean work (video, drawing, photography, performance art), she has adopted a strong feminine stance in opposition to the authoritarianism of the Viennese activism and pictorial tradition. Hers is an unclassifiable work that defies the political and critical establishment (between feminism and subversion), and produces a wide-open and prolix imagery on her own positions as an artist and a woman. A multiplicity of self-portraits oil paintings, charcoal drawings, intimate videos and collages ; she uses her body and face as a medium and mirror, as infinite methods to infiltrate the world of contemporary art and the media. These sudden, frontal and sometimes brutal views challenge the codes and models of the fashion industry, art, sex, religion and politics.