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fab• is the Gandy gallery collection, based in Prag, Czech Republic. This projet initiated by Matali Crasset is in continuation of the 2002 edition of “Sunic”, a cristal perfum diffusor.
fab• illustrates our interest in exchange, encounters and in an interest in transversality : decompartimentalize the practices.

The context : a country which follows the model on the new international economic order and which will thus certainly loose in the coming years a significant amount of the know-how held by its unique craftsmen. Can we help to safeguard these know-hows and induce new habits in this ephemeral moment?
This crack in time allows the experimentation with various know-hows with glass, wood, iron, wax, ceramic… fab• imagines itself as a place and an utopia link.

In 2002, fab• will open several projects around 3 materials favouring at times durable material at others ephemeral or perishable materials.
glassfab• a collection dedicated to glass.
waxfab• a collection dedicated to wax.
soapfab• a collection dedicated to soap.

The glass collection of Gandy gallery - Praha

A collection of objects « in between », in the slit between art and dayly usage.

This collection is based on the principle of an order.
Each artist receive a theme to explore. These thematics do not express usual functions but more conceptual directions such as weight, sound, waste…

glassfab• will be programmed at the Gandy gallery in Prag from december 12, 2002 until january 2004.

A book will be published at the issue of this first experience and the 16 edited objects. It will present the project, its genesis and the results. Then the exhibition will travel and be presented in its globality in different institutions and galleries in France and abroad.

List of the artists:
Volker Albus (D)
Matali Crasset (F)
Joseph Grigely (USA)
Fabrice Gygi (CH)
Jakob + Mac Farlane (F)
Stéphane Magnin (F)
Yves Netzhammer (CH)
Denis Santachiara (I)
Tobias Rehberger (D)
Rirkrit Tiravanija (TH)
Mathieu Mercier (F)
Olgoj + Chorchov (CZ)
Maxim Velcovsky (CZ)
Vogt + Weizenegger (D)
Bruno Peinado (F)

A few themes under consideration :
sound, weight, waste, breach, transplant, memory, strength, seduction, full, breath …

Glassfab 1

Tobias Rehberger : self autobdelygmitisch - "ASHTRAY"

Tobias Rehberger, german artist, born in 1966 in Esslingen, is one the stars of German art. His work questions with talent the limits between art, design, graphics and explodes these obsolete categories, always with an insightfull eye from which emerges signifiance. His proposal for glassfab. is an ashtray, it must be understood as the continuation of his serie of artists portraits as vases (1995/1998). It allows the collection of ashes but removing them or cleaning it is difficult, this creates on the side of the ashtray a sort of psychological portrait of the smoker, maybe in these politically correct times, one of the final ones.


Tobias Rehberger, self autobdelygmitisch Ashtray, (2002) Bohemian cristal, 122 x 300 x 122 mm, edition of 50

Glassfab 2

Denis Santachiara: transplant - "CHEESE KING"

Denis Santachiara, is one of the most important designers, a magician, introducing in his proposals the poetry of technology. Cheese-King his proposal for glassfab., is a Parmesan cheese grate, perhaps a tribute to his home country, the Emilia Romagna (Italy) where the best Parmesan, is produced. It is a grate like a brush in the continuity of the hand, using the hardness of cristal to grate the cheese. The object, in solid cristal, is laid flat on on the table and reveals it's function when turned : the word Cheese then appears.

Denis Santachiara, transplant, Cheese king (2002), cheese grate, Bohemian cristal, 66 x 95 x 95 mm, edition of 300

Glassfab 3

Vogt + Weizenegger: the taste - "DYONISOS' STOMACH"

Vogt + Weizenegger, duo of berliner designers, approach design with a wide viewpoint : from brand artistic direction, such as the rebirth of die Blindenanstalt von Berlin with the Dim project, to exhibition design, industrial design, or their collaboration with the gallery Schipper & Krome in Berlin : Dyonisos1 stomach is a collective object, an object which nutures the collectivity : a festive object : a glass goat skin for wine, allowing it to better oxygenate and thus reveal its flavors and tastes in their fullness. Guest come and drink the wine through a sort of straw/ballon glass.

Vogt + Weizenegger, the taste, (2002), Dyonisos' stomach, wine container, Bohemian cristal, 170 x 340 x 180 mm, edition of 50

Glassfab 4

Matali Crasset: Nature - "SHOWERFLOWER"

Matali Crasset Nature flower shower is a hybrid object that takes the shape of domestic watering can. At the center there is a glass arborescence that symbolizes a life tree.

Matali Crasset, Flowershower, (2003), watering can, hand made glass, edition of 50

Glassfab 5

Joseph Grigely: Secret "SPEECH BUBBLE COLLAPSED"

Grigely's Secret is a Speech bubble that takes the form of a three dimensional "phylacter" : an object from narration to reality - graphic sculptur - a transparent bubble in crystal, a word bubble, whose secret will be revealed only if it breaks.

Joseph Grigely, Collapsed Speech Bubble, hand made glass, (2003), 18 x 30 x 30 cm, edition of 20

Glassfab 6

Rirkrit Tiravanija: Digestion Untitled - "INFINITY PAN"

Rirkrit was born in Buenos Aires. Hiswork has shatter the classical classification of the art medium, he has invent a "relationnal esthethic"
"Untitled (Infinity Pan) is playing with this idea of infinity, endlessness, and the process of cooking. I wanted to make an unconventional object, something that cooks two meals at the same time. For a while I had thought of a very large pan, like the ones they have for peaella in Spain, this was, in a sense, the model for the Infinity Pan. Someday I would like to make a huge Infinity Pan that could feed hundreds of people"… Rirkrit Tiravanija

Rirkrit Tiravanija, Digestion, Untitled (infinity pan), 52 x 50 cm, 2003, edition of 21

Glassfab 7

Fabrice Gygi: Sound - "NARVAL"

Swiss artist, born in 1965, Fabrice Gygi has reset the political and the social in the center of the artwork.
Is Narval evoke other times, an extinct animalâs defence, or is it an attitude, a survival strategy as an emblem to wear ?

Fabrice Gygi , Sound Narval, 3 x 3 x 23 cm - 2003, edition of 50

Glassfab 8

Yves Netzhammer: Empathie Flower - "LIQUIDITY IN A SPACE OF FULL TIME"

Yves Netzhammer, swiss artist, was born in 1970. In his digital movies, his drawings or his installations, he ask himself and he ask us about the relation between humain and nature.
A flower that knows how to give water and that gazes back at object in glass, somewhere between a poetic sketch and the functionnel ustensil

Yves Netzhammer, Empathie - Liquidity in a space of full time, 52 x 30 cm, 2003, edition of 50

Glassfab 9

Maxim Velcovsky: Breach - "M. TAU"

Maxim Velcovsky is one of those who creat a revival on the Czech scene. Designer, model, photographer, he doesnât care of the manner for our bigger pleasure.
M. Tau (Mr.Tau) is a legendary person around the world. He was the hero of thousands of children not only in Europe. It is famous TV series about man with his black chapeau. What ever he wants, he just touches his chapeau and every wish just comes true. All the bad guys wants to steel this chapeau, because when You have it, all your dreams can be fulfilled.

"I decided to make this chapeau as an object, piece of design. (it may look like a bowl.) Design - like an object of desire. I Like to cause a questions about the role and purpose of design. This object is becoming symbol of fulfilled dreams, but also symbol of power."

Maxim Velcovsky, Breach, M. Tau, barium crystal colored, 25 x 32 x 32 cm - 2003, edition of 50


Glassfab 10

Olgoj Chorchoj: gap - "THE GAP"

the studio was founded by michal fromek and jan Nemecek in 1991.

"It's always very exciting to discover the gap - a connection between a internal space and a shape of surface, especially if you can use a glass - a material which allows you to make connection visible from outside as well, thanks to special Simax technology". Olgoj Chorchoj

Olgoj Chorchoj, gap, "The Gap", 2003, 49 cm x Ø 74 cm, edition of 50

Glassfab 11

Stéphane Magnin: fluidity - "ANTIPERSONNEL"


Stéphane Magnin, fluidity - "Antipersonnel", 2003, 4,5 cm x Ø 15 cm, hand made glass, edition of 50

Glassfab 12

Jakob + MacFarlane: force - "THE STRUGGLER"

Their work is created from a series of ongoing investigations , motivated more directly by an interest in specificity.

"These open glass balls that can be fastened together into endless configurations, a thing of play, are in fact a reduction in scale by half for what is imagined as a huge glass igloo, folly, house, wall etc to be built sometime in the future somewhere".
"For us these glass balls are imagined as creating both facade, column, arch… the basic structural elements of architecture, they ultimately become the creation, our response to the notion of strength". Jakob + MacFarlane

Jakob + MacFarlane, force - "The Struggler", 2003, Ø 15 cm, 5 balls for one piece, hand made glass, edition of 50

Glassfab 13

Volker Albus: waste - "VITRINE"

"My main intention was to create something like a three dimensional frame to celebrate the beauty of flowers. The result is "vitrine" where the most beautiful "one offs" a presented in their entire uniqueness : orchids, roses, lillies or a branch of a springtime tree." Volker Albus

Volker Albus, "Vitrine", glass, 44,5 x Ø 10,5, edition of 50

Glassfab 14

Mathieu Mercier: optimisme - "RENY"

Mathieu Mercier, "Reny", Contenant, 17 x 12 x 12 cm, edition of 50

Glassfab 15

Bruno Peinado: weight - "ARTEMISHINA"

Bruno Peinado, "artemishima", Photophore, 35 x 25 x 25 cm, edition of 20

The wax collection of Gandy gallery - Prag

The waxfab• intention is to imagine parties/happenings and the accompanying wax objects, whether candles or other. The celebration is not a commeration of historical event, often bloody, but a true gathering based on positive values.
• impertinence party
• trust party
• curiosity party
• slowness party…
Matali Crasset candle

Each celebration will present 3 different editions of artists, designers, architects. Waxfab• will be presented in unexpected places, pure from the world of art and design : souvenir shop, local grocery… urban units which construct our daily exchanges.
The waxfab• collection will be distributed in a few shops or galleries.

List of the artists (subject to modifications)
Emmanuel Bourrousse
Oscar Diaz
Hellen Kleine
Sonia Marquès
Tim Parsons
Maroussia Rebecq
Bernhard Willhelm …

The soap collection of Gandy gallery - Prag

A collection of objects in soap.

Afterwards, Soapfab will be distributed in a few selected shops and galleries.
The first interventions will be designed by Jérôme Olivet and Matali Crasset.

Soaplab. editions are not limited…

soapfab• 1 & 2
Tatiana Trouvé - Jérome Olivet  

Glassfab Exhibitions

  • GlassFab Gandy gallery, 2002 - 2003
  • Fondation Ricard - Paris

January 16 - February 13, 2004

  • GlassFab - Milan, 2004
  • GlassFab - Berlin, 2005

Glassfab - Book

⋅fab book, 21 x 21 cm, 82 pages, English/French

fab• is a project of matali crasset realized with the support and complicity of Nadine Gandy.

art direction :

Matali Crasset

26, rue du Buisson Saint Louis, F-75010 Paris
tel. 00 33 1 42 40 99 89, fax. 00 33 1 42 40 99 98


Gandy Gallery

Skolska 7, 110 00 Praha 1, Czech Republic
tel/fax. 00 42 02 96 23 30 66, handy 00 33 6 10 75 48 92

photography : Patrick Gries