Matali Crasset


gandy gallery


February 14 - April 27, 2002


An exhibition by matali crasset who is presenting her work in a solo show for the first time in Czech Republic, Gandy gallery, Prague.

SUNIC, an installation with a message of warmth and optimism. An installation casting an intense yellow light. A piece of sunshine.
The Gandy gallery will be transformed into a space dedicated to light. The windows of the gallery will be covered with colored adhesive films of colour that provide the illusion of light. In the main space, various SUNIC perfumes will hang . Yellow fluid that refers to small luminous stars. The other space of the gallery is conceived by the artist as a relaxation lounge where a number editions produced by Matali Crasset these last few years are presented: a series of translucid pneumatic mattresses, Téo from 2 to 3, JimS

SUNIC, a perfume by matali Crasset, a new edition produced by the Gandy Gallery created by the Ajeto glassmaking fabric (in Lindava, Czech Republic)
The perfume rests in an original glass container that can be suspended like a lamp, a sculpture in space, or placed directly on a table. SUNIC irradiates the space of its colour, an intense yellow hue. Matali Crasset has developed a special fragrance that can be worn on the body and that diffuses in space.

Sunic, an edition for Gandy gallery
Original edition limited to 50
Dimensions : 20 (height) x 24.7 cm (circumference)
Fluid : approx 125mml
Fragrance created by DRAGOCO


Born july, 28 1965 in Chalons en Champagne

Graduated at Les Ateliers – Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Création Industrielle, matali crasset is industrial designer of formation. In agreement with one of her emblematic objets, the column of hospitality "When Jim goes up to Paris" , she puts a clean methodology in which she questions the evidence of the codes that governs our daily life to free oneselves better of it and to experiment. Thus she develops new typologies articulated around principes as the modularity, the appropriation, the flexibility, the network. Her work that has imposed itself from the years 90 as the refusal of the pure shape, conceives itself like a research in movement, made of hypotheses more than of principles. She collaborates whith eclectic universes, from the handicraft to the electronic music, from the scenography to the furniture, from the graphics to the interor architecture.

matali crasset spent her chilhood in a small village in the north of France, in a farm where work and life were intimately bound.