Exhibition: Vaclav Stratil


gandy gallery

Václav Stratil

Mai 17, 2001 - july 28, 2001

Václav Stratil - 7

Václav Stratil (born in 1950) has been for two decades now one of the Czech most compelling visual artists. Since the beginning of 1990´s, he's been making series of post-conceptual portrait photographs, on which he plays a self-identification game with a number of big and small changes.

What is essential is not only their intellectual sensitivity reflecting the current mood of these days but also Stratil´s distant skill of always telling his "never-ending" story of an artist in a man and of a men in an artist.

The display in the Gandy Gallery named after the "magic" figure 7 (Stratil´s previous project in the same gallery was also identified by numbers 4+1) brings seven colour photographs.
On these photographs, the artist continues examining his civil-performance presence in front of the camera lens, this time, however, in a calmer and more intimate atmosphere.

Stratil appears in various environments there, at a magic well, in an interior of a forest and a café, behind a wheel of a luxury car, in a boat and in a ruin.
Photographs where weather plays an important role could be perhaps described as "impressionist documents", if only Stratil did not distantly disturb them by his contrasting dresses.