Martin Vongrej


gandy gallery


Opening: Tuesday 23.05.2023 at 6 pm
Exhibition : 24.05 - 21.07.2023


Gandy Gallery is pleased to present the first solo exhibition of Martin Vongrej at the gallery.

The dream-wake interface. Slow motion. Warm soft light on the dusk clouds.

There is a precious moment while looking at the clouds and their slow, almost unrecognisable movement. Moment that allows me to stay in between feeling that I do control their movement and feeling they move independently. Not only about dream-wake distinction. Certain alive tactile matter that forms in my hands and a special moment when the condition of connection let's open the possibility of perception. Special unpredictable moment, possible to be translated.  Love, art and death we can't fake.
Martin Vongrej, September 2023


The new bodies of work created for this exhibition consists of an intimate touch of surrounding material present in my studio. In this sense it might accelerate thoughts of mine with the intent to serve as a tool that reveals itself in possible contact with viewers and challenge notions of their perception. My hope is that artwork becomes a transmitter of my non articulated thoughts straight to the viewer.


Martin Vongrej, born 1986 in Bratislava, tries to challenge space through an application of rhetorics, which is revealed and read by a specific space or situation. It's an ambiguous visual language that describes concrete space as an already flexible subject reflecting our presence in it and refers to our perception that works in the same way. According to recent science, technology, politics, or even just mood, we capture an image of the world. This recent picture is challenged by archetype and chance—capital topics of his work.


Martin Vongrej (1986) is an artist based in Bratislava, Slovakia who has presented his work first time internationally at biennial Manifesta 8, ES in 2010 with artwork Self-Observing Consciousness. He has participated in group exhibitions: Art of Diminished Difference, The Brno House of Arts, CZ 2020, Prague Biennial "Metter of Art" 2020, Useful Photography - photography in Contemporary Slovak Art, Slovak National Gallery, SK, 2018, Orient, at KIM?, Bozar and Bunkier Sztuki in 2018 or Non-profit & Profit, Spazio A, IT, 2014. Solo shows include Conjugation of Line, Julius Koller Society, SK, 2022, The Meaning Soda Gallery, SK, 2018, The Inverse, Hit Gallery, SK, 2018, Seven Uncountable Lines, Futura, Karlin Studios, CZ, 2017 or "2014" Moravian Gallery, Brno, CZ, 2014. He Recieved fellowships from Kone Foundation, FI, 2014, Terra Foundation, USA/FR, 2015 or Art Omi, USA, 2023.

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