Deneth Piumakshi Veda Arachchige 


gandy gallery

Underneath my second skin

Exhibition: March 11 - July 4, 2020


Textile is our second skin
It represents who we are
It divides who we are
It judges who we are
It expresses emotions one feels
It takes a message across the continents
It tell the stories of those voiceless
It weave us together
It tears us apart
It fades away...

"I have been educated not to follow trends or rules in life and in artistic practices. Therefore first school of arts was at home. Later on studied fine arts in Kathmandu Art University in Nepal and Academy of Design in Colombo in Sri Lanka.

My works has evolved over the past 20 years. The subjects I chose to work are more focusing on social issues such as immigration, identity, refugee crises, women and children in conflict zones in political aspects. My artistic practice runs along a thin line which separates art and activism, it is my intend to play with the tension. For exemple, the new performance work is entitled "Your faith is in your hand". Poetry, pain and real life stories of those who faced long term violence, discrimination and manipulation have inspired me.

Audio, video & photography installations and textile works are the main mediums I work with. Since 2000, I have painted on Cheetha, a traditional Sri Lankan printed textile. This fabric carries a disappearing part of the Sri Lankan culture.  It can be seen only in few villages or among the older generation because of the phenomenon of western fashion trends and mass made clothes from China. While the majority of the Sri Lankan population considers it low class and kitschy to wear clothing made from Cheetha, this material is highly nostalgic for me – it carries my childhood and the weightlessness of life as a kid. 

I paint mainly things that cannot be seen by the naked eye – memories, dreams, the unconscious mind and the voices of the inner heart. I attempt to give strength to the viewer’s imagination by depicting powerful icons and heroic figures.  My subject matter is influenced by my desire to heal broken or incomplete things that were once useful.  Eg: The golden heart painting - I use the thermal blanket material that normally use to protect body from cold and heat. In my imagination it gives an extra protection to the heart to be protected. I make my work out of a need to empower myself and others to feel happiness, love and strength.

Being an artist has taught me how to make art that can change one person´s life at a time..."

Born in 1980 and grew up in the city of Kurunegala, Sri Lanka. Living in the French Alps and working between Paris, Basel and Kurunegala.


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