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All what we could do together

Exhibition runs from January 17 until March 8, 2024 

We are pleased to announce the forth solo exhibition of Oto Hudec at the gallery. After Nomadia (2013), The Man who travels with Bees (2016) and We are all carbon (2020) he will present the exhibition All what we could do together.

Imagine what we could achieve together.
Imagine, all, what we could achieve together- instead of lives cut down and evicted dreams. Often it seems that we, the trees and the humans, exist in conflict, growth against growth, competing for the space on Earth. But that is a misconception: the forest is a multi-species organism, and always opened to include humans into our community!
Here, these are some examples when humans and trees acted together, physically close, for common interest.
And although we do not win always, we always achieved something. 


Oto Hudec is a Slovak multimedia artist who created and exhibited his recent works in Slovakia, in Austria, South Korea, Cabo Verde, Portugal and the USA. He creates videos, murals, animations, sculptures and works for public spaces about immigration, refugees and the effects of globalization on the environment. His projects often include a utopian perspective as a way to understand the production of food, energy; he tracks transformations of the industrial landscape or the decline of
bees. His research on the topics of climate change, ecology is often focused, instead on new scientific solutions, on how nomadic and indigenous people achieved sustainability. He often collaborates on projects with children and youth from disadvantaged communities. Since 2013, he has been working on a participatory project with Roma children in Slovakia - Project Karavan together with Daniela Krajčová. He was a finalist for the Oskar Čepan award for young Slovak artists in 2012.
He lives and works in Košice, Slovakia He teaches at Faculty of Fine Arts, Technical University, Košice, Slovakia, Associate Professor. 

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